Listing 1-2-3
The Listing Process explained
We always get asked "How does the Listing process work?"

Through years of fine tuning, Distinctive Realty has streamlined the Listing process to better serve our clients.

Below, please find a basic order of operations for listing your property:
The First Step - When to sell and for how much?
We make this easy for you. Either call or email us with the property address in question and we will run a
comprehensive CMA. A CMA stands for Comparative Market Analysis. This is a detailed report that will give us the
majority of the information needed to price your property and let you know how long it will take to sell. The CMA
states the following: How many active, pending and sold homes are in your area, what they are selling for, how
long it takes them to sell, avg. SqFt and avg price per SqFt. With this information, we can educate you on your
area and help you come to a decision on when and how much.

The Second Step - Getting your property ready to sell.
STOP! What we mean by STOP is, let us come by and do a walk through on your property. We will give you
staging advice, maintenance advice, remodel advice and general advice. Depending on the property and the
area, some times it does not make a difference in what you do. Don't spend money that you will not make up in the
sale of your home. Let the experts help you! Give us a call!

The Third Step - Getting signed up!
This is the easy part. Most people are intimidated by contracts. The good news is that the Texas Association of
Realtors and the Texas Real Estate Commission have made a set of standard contracts. These contracts can not
be changed by Realtors. Realtors may only fill in the blanks. This was done for your protection. All Realtors in
Texas have to, by law, use these contracts.
Our professional Realtors will walk you through every step of the way on the listing agreements. We use only
standard TREC forms. We also have the correct disclosures for property, septic, mud, HUD, pud, termite, lead
based paint, condo, etc... Don't worry, we will provide all of this for you.  

Thats it! Your done! We are a full service Listing company. That means, you sign the Listing
agreement a nd your done! All you need to do is wait for us to bring you an offer and we will
take care of the rest! What happens in between? See below for our List to Close explanation:

From List to Close:
1. We run a CMA on your property
2. We perform a walk through (if needed)
3. Listing appointment at the property.
      A. Sign Listing agreement
      B. Take Photos
      C. Take Virtual Tour
      D. Install Lock box
      E. Install Sign & Flier Box
4. First 24hrs
      A. List property on MLS
      B. Create Fliers
      C. Create Virtual Tour
      D. List property on Multiple websites
      E. Set-up Efliers and agent tours
5. Weekly Report to our Clients
6. Bring offer and negotiate offers as needed.
7. Once we have a good offer, we execute the offer and receipt it in to the title company.
8. Once option period has expired, we set a closing date.
9. During this period, we will handle scheduling of inspections etc...
10. 24hrs prior to closing, we will walk you through the HUD-1. This will show you the final
11. Closing! We will schedule a convenient time for you to go to the title company to close.
We always sit in the closing with you and are there to handle any issues or questions you
may have.

Like we said, easy as 1-2-3! Sign with us and let us take care of the rest.

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